Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring by Nordic Bamboo – The Most Durable Flooring Solution on the Market

Traditional parquet flooring has met its match – Nordic Bamboo’s bamboo flooring, which is 2.5 times harder than oak parquet. Bamboo feels warm under your toes, making it a perfect fit for Scandinavian interior designs.

It is the most durable solid bamboo flooring on the market. In fact, our bamboo flooring is so durable that it comes with a 10-year warranty for home use and a 3-year warranty for public spaces.

The Brinell Hardness Number of Nordic Bamboo’s Bamboo
Flooring Is a Staggering 9.5





The Brinell hardness number is used to measure the hardness of materials. Larger number indicates that the material does not wear as easily.

Nordic Bamboo’s bamboo flooring is the most durable choice on the market.

Superior Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Far Superior Compared to Parquet and Laminate

Why Bamboo Flooring?

The wood used in traditional parquet floorings is soft and gets easily damaged and scratched. Because of this, the floor must be sanded and refinished after a short period of time. Traditional parquet often utilizes a thin layer of veneer, which is glued on top of a layer of different coloured wooden lamella. When the parquet takes a hit, the different coloured lamella below the veneer is revealed.

The same is true for laminate flooring, which is covered by a printed surface that looks like wood, but is even thinner than parquet. The artificial wood finish of laminate feels cold under your feet. If damaged, it reveals the hardboard resting under it. Moreover, laminate flooring is often quite slippery, which makes it less safe for a person with wet feet or wool socks.

Bamboo flooring is made of 100% pressure-treated solid bamboo, which makes it durable enough to handle everyday life – unlike parquet and laminate floorings.


Bamboo is a grass, which means it grows fast and is ready for harvest after just five years. The same process takes most trees tens of
years. Bamboo flooring is a sustainable, ecological choice that is made to last.


The bamboo used by Nordic Bamboo comes from a responsibly grown bamboo forest in China. Members of the Forest Stewardship Council
(FSC) include WWF and Greenpeace.


Our floorings are made of strand woven bamboo, which means they have been pressed tightly together. The bamboo stems are cut into
strips and cleaned, followed by separating the fibres from each other. Afterwards the fibres are pressed into each other using high
temperature and pressure. This is how the most durable flooring on the market is made.

Treated with Bona Naturale UV Lacquer

The lacquer protects the surface of the flooring from dirt, scratches and UV light from the sun. The lacquer we use is made in Sweden by a
company named Bona Naturale. It is a safe, ecological choice for treating the surface of the bamboo.

Spanish Interior Design Chain Manterol Casa Chose Bamboo Flooring for their Stores

Interior design chain Manterol Casa chose to install Nordic Bamboo’s bamboo floorings in their stores located in Hansa Block, Turku, and Kamppi, Helsinki.

The Spanish interior design chain opened their first stores in Finland in the autumn of 2017. The durable and elegant bamboo flooring proved to be an excellent choice for a public space. Feel free to visit their stores to marvel at the floor yourself!

Photos: Eero Kokko and Mikael Soininen.


Bamboo Man Introduced the Revolutionary Bamboo Flooring to the Nordics

The man behind Nordic Bamboo is Jukka-Pekka Kallio, also known by the alias Bamboo Man. He was looking for a durable, ecological flooring solution for his family. It soon became clear that the market had no shortage of parquet and laminate floorings. Parquet, however, is too soft and gets easily scratched – no good for a family with a Golden Retriever, Ben. Laminate was not without problems, either – Jukka-Pekka’s daughter likes to play on the floor, and laminate would have been too cold.

A specialist in logistics and foreign trade, Kallio soon learned about bamboo flooring on the internet. After meticulous background research, he decided to order a genuine bamboo flooring for his own home. Warm, life-enduring bamboo flooring soon won over his friends and relatives as well – and so the business idea of Nordic Bamboo was born.

Since then, Nordic Bamboo has delivered bamboo flooring solutions to malls, offices, public spaces, homes and villas. With the help of Bamboo Man, satisfied customers from all around the Nordics have found the flooring solution that best fits their needs – genuine bamboo flooring.


Bamboo Man (Jukka-Pekka Kallio, entrepreneur)

Bamboo Flooring is Especially Well-Suited for:

  • Households with pets Families with children, front hall and kitchen.
  • Public spaces, stores, hotels and offices.
  • Summer houses, mansions and villas.

Want to buy? Ask for free samples!

Contact Bamboo Man and ask for free samples shipped to you! Recommended price for Bamboo Flooring is 89,90 euros incl. VAT + shipping.

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